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30 Minutes to More Successful Negotiations

Everyone has experienced the necessity to negotiate. Whether it be with your employer, salesperson, customer service, spouse, an employee - the list is endless.

Adapting Your Leadership Style

Identify the qualities of an effective leader and recognize style differences in others to build rapport and develop individual motivation approaches.

Advanced Communication Skills

This course focuses on how to write an informative and interesting speech to grab your audience and hold their attention. 6 hours. CIIP/CPIW/CPIM/DAE qualifier.

Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness Skills are crucial to professional development, as well as other aspects of life. Some of these skills include asking for what you need, handling confrontations gracefully, and putting ideas forward with confidence. Not only do these skills improve teamwork, focus discussions, and build relationships, but they also help individuals to become competent, constructive, confident, and perform at their best.

Basic Homeowners HO-3

The Basic Homeowners HO-3 course is designed to explain what a Homeowners policy covers. This course will aid the insurance broker or agent by explaining how one piece of information is related to another. As a broker or agent you need to know what the Homeowners policy covers in order to advise customers what they should purchase. Homeowners terms and conditions, coverages and perils are also covered. (1 hour)

Basic Surety: Can You Be Sure-ty About Bonds?

This 30-minute I CAN! course is designed to give an overview of surety bonds. You will learn to identify the surety bond, the different classifications and what questions to ask to ensure it is the right bond for your client.

Behavioral Interviews

This course will lead you through a structured interview process from reviewing resumes to conducting interviews to evaluating candidates.

Business as un-Usual

Home-based business is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy but many are not properly insured. This presentation is an analysis of home-based businesses as well as the activities and specific exclusions that are triggered by the term "business" in the homeowner's policy.

Business Etiquette

Participants will learn better ways to work with and meet people when they need to leave a lasting impression.

Business Writing

Participants will learn techniques to communicate in a clear and concise manner, improve their writing style, learn editing and proofreading tips and learn strategies for sending better emails.

Career Development

Comprehensive courses designed to improve your professional soft skills and enhance your career.

Certificates & Plaques

Find the following certificates in this category. Membership Replacement CIIP Replacement CPIW Replacement CPIM Replacement DAE Proof of active membership or having earned your designation is required. Certificates are mailed via USPS Standard Service. Shipping rates do not apply (except for destinations outside of the Continental United States).

Certified Leadership Program (CLP)

The Certified Leadership program is a premier learning program aimed at developing essential leadership skills for career development. The program consists of four modules encompassing seventeen course topics. Individuals completing the entire program are eligible to apply for the Certified Leadership Professional (CLP) designation.

CGL: Claims Made vs Occurrence Triggers

This course explores when a particular coverage trigger – whether occurrence or claims made -- is appropriate for the insured’s exposure. The pro’s and con’s of each trigger, and how they operate when a loss has occurred will also be explored

Challenging Negative Attitudes

Learn how negative norms become entrenched in an organization, department or team and how to create a more positive working environment.

CLP Module 1

Certified Leadership Program: Leadership through Strategic Management - 12 hours total. Courses include Ethics in the Workplace, Fundamentals of Strategic Planning, and Succession Planning.

CLP Module 2

Certified Leadership Program: Leadership through Business Essentials - 18 hours total. Courses include Critical Thinking Skills, Effective Negotiation Skills, Financial Intelligence, Leadership 101 and Why We Struggle with Tough Decisions.

CLP Module 3

Certified Leadership Program: Leadership through Business Mentoring - 10 hours total. Courses include Challenging Negative Attitudes, Coaching Conversations, Diversity Awareness and How to Make Yourself Indispensable.

CLP Module 4

Certified Leadership Program: Leadership through Motivating - 12 hours total. Courses include Adapting Your Leadership Style, Delegating for Growth, Employee Engagement, Managing Teams and The Exceptional Manager.

Coaching Conversations

Identify the steps of a coaching session and how these steps can be applied in various contexts to hold an individual responsible for proactively defining goals and becoming accountable to their commitments.

Commercial Auto

In the Commercial Auto course all sections of the Business Auto Coverage Form -CA0001 (10/13) will be reviewed with special attention given to certain sections. These detailed sections include covered auto designation symbols, coverage extensions, limitations and exclusions and physical damage coverage. (1 hour)

Commercial General Liability

This Commercial General Liability class is designed to provide a generic understanding of Commercial Liability coverage and how it can apply to clients.

Commercial Liability Deconstructed

In this course you will analyze the Commercial Liability policy with focus on the definition of who is insured. You will learn how to evaluate the insured status of individuals or organizations seeking coverage under the Commercial Liability Form, apply coverage depending upon the relationship to the named insured and how to demonstrate the impact of the definitions on coverage extensions.

Commercial Property

Any organization is exposed to potential loss of property - real property or personal property. Commercial Property Insurance is needed to protect against potential losses from fires, hurricanes, vandalism or theft as these events can cause significant financial loss to an organization. This I CAN! Step Above course is designed to provide a brief explanation of the coverage provided by the Insurance Services Office Building and Personal Property Coverage Form (CP 0010) and ISO Causes of Loss-Special Form (CP 1030). (1 hour)

Commercial Umbrella Coverage

Commercial Umbrella Coverage protects the insured from catastrophic events that could potentially devastate a business. It is designed to provide increased limits, above and beyond those provided by the underlying policies. This I CAN! Step Above course is designed to provide you with a better understanding of the Commercial Umbrella policy and some of the differences and similarities between the Commercial Umbrella and the Excess Liability policies. (1 hour)

Confidence While Communicating

Ten one-hour sessions provide training in public speaking through delivery of prepared and impromptu speeches. Materials include information on speech structure, vocal delivery, using gestures, round-table and panel discussions.

Conflict Resolution

Confict management to resolve disagreements or sales negotiations can be used to achieve consensus among individuals and groups. It will help you learn to identify positive and negative effects of confict; to recognize individual differences; how behavior affects confict; to distinguish the levels of escalating confict; and how to resolve confict by understanding yourself.

Continuing Education CE

IAIP educational courses approved for CE credit.

Critical Thinking Skills

Improve your critical thinking skills by studying tools and practicing techniques on how to understand a problem, evaluate the evidence and make logical and thoughtful decisions.

Customer Service

Learn customer service practices and the importance of customer service. Learn why preparation and individual commitment are important, conducting effective, effcient customer interactions, and successful handling of angry and irrational customers.

Delegating for Growth

Develop a team-driven culture by understanding the purpose of delegation, preparing and applying the steps to delegating effectively, and learning to recover from inevitable mistakes or disappointments.


CIIP/CPIW/CPIM, CLP and DAE matriculation fees.

Developing Clients for Life

This course focuses on the skills sales people need to cultivate relationships based on mutual trust and loyalty.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

This course introduces the essential aspects and strategies to honing this soft skill - helping you to confront issues, tackle problems, and manage change and stress with composure and clarity.

Diversity Awareness

Explore the subtle ways that limitations occur and how to combat them by fostering an environment that focuses on building respectful interactions.

E&O Hotspots

New E&O risks are being created by new technology, expanded use of non-standard markets, increased mergers and acquisitions, and more complex insurance products and financial services. This course will identify E&O "hot spots" and provide ideas to reduce your E&O exposure. With the dramatic rise in E&O claims, this course is pertinent to every agent.

Educational Courses

In this section you will find ALL IAIP Educational Programs including, Underwriting for Non-Underwriters, Life & Health Insurance Basics, Confidence While Communicating, and the I CAN! Series.

Effective Communication

In this course you will review the key elements in communication models, investigate different communication styles, identify common communication filters and their impact and adopt tools for effective communication.

Effective Negotiation Skills

Learn how to be in the ideal space to really listen, prepare, and persuade with skill and integrity. These skills offer tremendous leverage to reap great rewards and create win-win relationships.

Employee Engagement

Cultivate an environment of engagement where you recognize employees as individuals, show you support them, give feedback to develop their skills and acknowledge all employees for their contributions.

Engaging in the Mentoring Process

This four hour course will define the mentoring process, recognize the importance of ‘mentoring’ in your personal and professional life, implement a mentoring program in your association and assess your strengths and areas that you wish to build or strengthen.

Ethics in the Workplace

Explore the ideal ethical workplace and learn how to create the guidelines and tools to implement policies that support them to better assist you with unethical behavior in your workplace and with customers.

Ethics: Shades of Black and White

Now, more than ever, ethics plays a big role in the daily decision-making process. It can be very beneficial to establish ethical standards before a professional situation or crisis arises. This course will guide you in your commitment as an ethical person. The case studies, along with discussion, will help you adopt an ethical business performance with the high standards that your profession requires.

Event Tickets

Here you will find event tickets for webinars.

Facilitation 101

A how-to guide for presenting educational courses. Learn how adults learn, the factors that contribute to an effective presentation, how to deal with speaker anxiety, how to understand the tasks of a trainer, the types of questions to expect, and how to match teaching techniques to achieve the desired behavioral outcome.

Financial Intelligence

Contribute to planning and strategy discussions with more confidence by understanding the purpose and benefits of budgets, identifying essential financial statements, conducting a break-even analysis and learning which ratios may be important to your organization.

Fraud: Detection and Prevention

The course is designed to provide a basic understanding of insurance fraud and it's effects on our industry. In this 30 minute I CAN! class, basic definitions of hard and soft fraud of insurance will be covered.

Fundamentals of Strategic Planning

Identify the elements of an effective strategic planning model and learn how create a strategic team to move your company forward.

Homeowners Coverage

Learning Objectives 1. Review definitions used in the ISO Homeowners’ Policy. 2. Review the ISO Homeowners’ Section I Property Coverages, as well as exclusions and limitations. 3. Review the ISO Homeowners’ Section II Liability Coverages, as well as exclusions and limitations. 4. Identify ways to reduce errors & omissions exposure. This course is approved for CE credit in some states.

How Much Do I Need?

This course will review why life insurance is needed, costs associated with death and methods to determined how much life insurance one needs.

How to Make Yourself Indispensable

Take initiative to go above and beyond, expand your sphere of influence, perform well under pressure, adapt to changing situations - become indispensable!

I CAN! A Step Above series

The I CAN! A Step Above Series are one hour courses designed to cover a few key points in specific insurance topics. They are a great next step to the introductory I CAN! 30 minute courses.

I CAN! Series

The I CAN! (Insurance Career Advancement Now) Series courses were created as introductory courses only. They are intended as a basic introduction to the specific line of insurance only and not as a comprehensive or in-depth study. 30 minutes each.

IAIP Instructor Certification (Train the Trainer)

The IAIP Instructor Certification Training, available to members only, is designed to certify individuals who want to instruct Certified Leadership Program (CLP) courses, ICAN! Series, Career Development and Continuing Education (CE) courses.

Inland Marine - Builder's Risk: From the Ground Up

Builder's risk is a modified property policy used to cover structures during the course of construction and is usually purchased by the project owner or general contractor. The course will cover the basic understanding of builder's risk.

Insurance Claims: A Basic Overview

In this one-hour information packed course, an overview of claim basics will be discussed and include topics such as coverage, ways to investigate a claim, how to document damage, settling the claim, subrogation and litigation.


Membership pins, Council Director pins, custom recognition pins and Past President Pin Guards.

Leadership 101

Discover the key tools and techniques for developing and refining yourself as a leader.

Leadership Savvy

Leadership Savvy is a 6 hour program that explores leadership. It examines not only leadership skills but gives you the opportunity to look at individuals who posses excellent leadership characteristics.

Life and Health Insurance Basics (CE)

This course addresses the histories of life and health insurance and their evolution to the products we know today. It is a basic study of life and health insurance coverages to provide a fundamental understanding of life and health insurance coverages.

Life & Health Insurance Basics (I CAN! Step Above)

Life and Health Insurance Basics, an I CAN! Step Above course, is designed to give insurance professionals a general overview of Life and Health Insurance principles. You will become familiar with uses and types of life insurance, review the application, discuss accident and health coverage and learn about cost and health factors. 1 hour

Listening Leads to Learning

Effective communication exists between two people when the receiver interprets and understands the sender’s message in the same way the sender intended it. Learn tools to improve your interpersonal effectiveness in your career and personal life.

Long Term Care: A Complete Picture

Long Term Care: A Complete Picture is eligible for CE credit in some states. Please contact the Director of Education at for more information. This program defines LTC, the cost of LTC, how to pay for it, what LTC should cover, types of facilities and policy triggers. 3 hrs.

LTC:101 (Long Term Care)

The purpose of this class is to provide an overview of information necessary to empower individuals to make an informed decision about adding Long –Term Care Insurance (LTC) to their insurance portfolio.

Making A Difference -- Ethics

This course explores the different types of ethical decisions and examines different case studies where they are applied.

Making Change Work for You

Learn how personality types affect the ability to change, how to develop strategies to meet the demands of the environment, and how to institute change successfully.

Managing Stress

Life today is complex, which means stress is with us all the time and we are sometimes on “overload.” Learn to better understand stress and ways to deal with the physical, emotional, and mental strains caused by stress.

Managing Teams

Understand how to find the balance between directing and supporting a team by clarifying team roles, defining responsibilities, making decision making beneficial, troubleshooting problem situations and more!

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations can be unavoidable and a recurring instance in the workplace. This course introduces you to a process for taking control in these situations and minimizing negative backlash to effect an environment of reduced stress, increased trust, improved relationships, and higher productivity.

Opening the Sales Call

Learn how to establish your sales people as experts, think on their feet, adapt to client expectations, and capture lifetime clients

Personal Auto

This one hour I CAN! Step Above course is designed to show the importance of personal automobile insurance and all the coverages that apply. The course will provide reasons why each auto customer needs to purchase personal auto insurance, help insurance producers and customers service representatives to better know the personal automobile policy and discuss how to adequately cover your client’s needs for personal automobile insurance.

Personal Umbrella

It is raining litigation in our society and your clients may need a personal umbrella. Explore the application of umbrella coverage and discover the "holes" in the umbrella policy form. Do you ever hesitate to carry an umbrella? Find out when you should! This presentation is a thorough review of the need for umbrella coverages as well as concepts and applications of underlying limits of coverage. We'll even show you some "holes" (common exclusions) in your umbrella along with actual claims cases.

Professional Ethics - Not Just for Agents

Professional Ethics – Not Just for Agents is a 4-hour continuing education contact course addressing the topic of professional ethics for insurance producers. Available for CE credit in some states.

Prospecting and Territory Management

This course gives salespeople at all levels the know-how to tackle prospecting, maintain a healthy pipeline, and grow their business.


Today's Insurance Professional Magazine.


Ribbons for use at your regional conference, council meeting, etc. They are 4” x 1 5/8” horizontal ribbons with a self-adhesive strip. Colors may vary. The cost is .37¢ (USD) per ribbon plus shipping & handling.

Risk Management

Because everyone faces the possibility of accidental loss, everyone must, to some degree, manage risk. Look at how professional risk managers do this and how it affects other jobs within the insurance industry.

Selling Essentials

Selling Essentials, a six module series, will give staff the tools needed to improve sales skills, benefiting the bottom line of the individual and the organization. Take one or take all six and earn a Selling Essentials certificate!

Solid Business Writing

This course will cover effective writing all types of business documents, outlining to plan documents, email protocol and more.

Solutions, Objections and Closing the Sale

This course prepares your sales force to approach each sales call with the skill, confidence,and know-how to achieve results.

Succession Planning

Create future leaders by bringing selection systems, reward systems and management development into alignment with the process of identifying current and future leadership needs.

Tax-Free Income: Roth IRA

You now have an alternative to the traditional IRA, established in 1974. The new Roth IRA has some fantastic advantages that you need to know about for yourself, as well as your clients. Take this 30-minute program to find out the differences and the advantages of the Roth IRA, which offers retirement income, free of federal income tax.

Talk Like a Leader

This course will focus on four key areas of leadership communication: Vision, Competence, Relationships, and Support. This course will empower leaders with the skills and confidence to encourage enthusiasm, increase productivity, minimize miscommunication, and improve working relationships.

Tips & Traps: Time Management in a Millennial Age

This course will give tools and tips for better time management.

The Art of Influencing Others

In this course, you will learn how to develop creative ways to establish and maintain rapport, how to resolve conflicts and handle difficult situations, and how to recognize others’ needs and support them in meeting their needs while meeting their own as well (“win-win”).

The Exceptional Manager

Study how to balance the qualities of an exceptional manager - developing self-awareness, demonstrating consistency, displaying humility and confidence - to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

The Facts of "Life"

The Facts of "Life" explains the very basics of life insurance to the non-life insurance provider. From the purposes of a life insurance policy to the decision making process. It will also help in understanding what you currently have. Many people are misinformed about life insurance and the need. This program will help you decide what is best for you and your family.

Three Steps to E&O Risk Management

A seminar that covers the management of errors and omissions risks in the insurance business. Specifically designed to offer insight into the potential risks in agency operations that range from the first phone call to the final signature in your relationship with clients and companies.

Understanding the Sales Cycle

Learn the steps in the customer buying cycle, the customer's decision-making process and the steps in the sales process to find your areas of improvement in today's selling environment.

Underwriting for Non Underwriters

Learn what underwriters need to know and why about underwriting issues and decisions in personal lines, commercial lines, workers compensation, life/health and surety bond fields.

What to Ask and How to Listen

In What to Ask and How to Listen, sales people will learn how to ask the right questions, avoid communication shut downs, maximize business discussions, and learn valuable active listening skills that will move the customer relationship forward!

What's Up DOC? Drive Other Car Coverage

The need for Drive Other Car Coverage is growing with the increase in companies that provide vehicles for employees and owners. What's Up DOC? will examine particulars of the Business Auto Policy "Drive Other Car" coverage endorsement. Case studies demonstrate appropriate coverages for individuals who drive company cars.

Wheels of Misconception

The wheels that we utilize today range from ATV's to golf carts! Many clients are oblivious to the exclusions of their homeowner and personal auto policies when driving certain motorized vehicles or non-owned vehicles. This presentation will expose the how's and when's of coverage - or not! Get an update on the proper coverages and avoid any wheels of misconception!

Why We Struggle with Tough Decisions

Study strategies to overcome your concerns about making and implementing tough decisions.

Workers' Compensation

This course will provide an overview of Workers’ Compensation Insurance including its history, premium determination, covered employees, benefits provided, claims reporting and cost management. You will also gain a better understanding of why Workers' Compensation is a benefit to your insured, why it is a benefit to your insured employee’s, and why you need to promptly report incidents/ injuries as they occur.

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