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Code of Ethics



Membership in the National Association of Insurance Women (International) dba International Association of Insurance Professionals("IAIP") is a privilege. IAIP membership is open to all in the insurance and risk management industries who strive for and practice professionalism, regardless of their career level.

In order to maintain the privilege of IAIP membership, it is important that IAIP members act with integrity and avoid any action that will compromise the member, IAIP itself and the member's relationship with IAIP. The principles in this Code of Ethics (the "Code”) provide guidelines that are intended to enable IAIP members to conduct their membership activities in a professional manner. However, these guidelines do not supersede any fiduciary duty owed by members, officers, Directors, employees, agents or volunteers of IAIP under applicable law.

IAIP members are expected to understand and comply with the policies set forth in this Code. Accordingly, all IAIP members should read the Code carefully to make sure they understand all the provisions of the Code, the consequences of not complying with the Code, and the importance of the Code to IAIP's continued success in all insurance and risk management industries.

While this Code cannot anticipate every possible situation or cover every topic in detail, the central concept of the Code is to confirm IAIP's commitment to the principles of ethical and lawful conduct, and all decisions should be evaluated in this light.

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest may arise when a member takes action or has personal interests that are incompatible with the interests of IAIP. IAIP members should never abuse their relationship with IAIP by competing with IAIP or bringing discredit or disrepute to IAIP. In any situation where it may reasonably be perceived that there is a conflict of interest, members shall disclose any personal, business or organizational interests, affiliations or activities that could be construed as a conflict with the activities of IAIP.

Use of IAIP's Intellectual Property

IAIP is the sole and exclusive owner of all its intellectual property, including but not limited to the name, trade name and trademarks of IAIP. Any use by a member of the intellectual property of IAIP must be authorized in advance in writing by an authorized representative of IAIP.


The reputation of IAIP is a valuable asset and should not be exploited by a member for personal advantage or for the advantage of any other person or entity. Information about the activities of IAIP that a member acquires and that is not generally known or available to the general public, including but not limited to procedures, methods, programs, systems, strategies, improvements, customer lists, and technical data, shall be treated as proprietary and confidential information of IAIP. Furthermore, all confidential information is property of IAIP.

Acceptance of Gifts

Members shall not accept gifts, favors, loans, discounts, or other consideration (other than items of nominal value, i.e., less than $25.00 in the aggregate) from non-members in connection with their membership or service to IAIP, without advance disclosure and approval of the offer of such gift to an authorized representative of IAIP.

Personal Conduct

In order to protect the reputation of IAIP, no member of IAIP shall have (i) been convicted of a felony, (ii) engaged in intentional, bad faith misconduct which is detrimental to IAIP at IAIP's sole determination, (iii) suffered the loss of any insurance license issued by any governmental authority, or (iv) engaged in business practices that do not conform to generally accepted practices of the insurance industry (collectively a "Disqualification" and sometimes referred to as "Disqualified”). In the event a member of IAIP is determined to be Disqualified, the member shall immediately notify IAIP in writing of the Disqualification. If a member of IAIP is Disqualified, all membership rights and privileges of such person shall immediately cease, whether or not the member has officially resigned his or her membership in IAIP. Members agree to cooperate with IAIP with respect to any inquiry involving a Disqualification.


Any violation of this Code of Ethics may be grounds for immediate revocation of membership and membership privileges. The Board of Directors of IAIP has the authority to consider issues involving membership violations and may determine to revoke the membership of any person that it determines has, more likely than not, violated this Code of Ethics. Before membership may be revoked, a member will have the right to respond. For more information, see the Ethics Violation Appeals Process.

IAIP agrees to maintain, as confidential, any determination resulting in the revocation of the membership rights of a former IAIP member.

The Code of Ethics was revised by the National Board of Directors on the 25th day of May, 2009.
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