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Certified Leadership Program



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Leadership development is an integral part of success in the insurance and risk management industries. IAIP is recognized for the development of leadership skills that members utilize in their professional careers and within the association. Take advantage of one of the many benefits of IAIP membership – develop your inner leader with the IAIP Certified Leadership Program.

The Certified Leadership Program, available to IAIP members and non-members, provides a premier learning program to develop essential leadership skills for personal growth and professional advancement for the seasoned or young insurance professional. The program consists of four modules encompassing 17 course topics and is an exclusive, proprietary International Association of Insurance Professionals program. Practical insurance related examples are included in each classroom course.

To receive credit for each CLP course - 

  • Purchase a Student or Self-Study course guide. A Student course guide is for an instructor-led event and Self-Study course guides are used without an instructor and study on own. 
  • Complete each course by self-study or in an instructor-led environment
  • Pass successfully a ten question online quiz with a minimum score of 80 (8 out of 10 questions answered correctly). Your score is provided at the end of the quiz and if the score is less than 80, you will need to retake the quiz and pay a quiz-retake fee. 
  • Check online IAIP profile for course and add activity where course completed, i.e. self-study, International Convention, KY Council Meeting, etc. 

    Individuals completing the entire 52-hour program are eligible to apply for the Certified Leadership Professional (CLP) designation. Application for CLP renewal must be submitted every two (2) years. 



   Module One: Leadership through Strategic Management
Ethics in the Workplace
Explore the ideal ethical workplace and learn how to create the guidelines and tools to implement policies that support them to better assist you with unethical behavior in your workplace and with customers. 

Fundamentals of Strategic Planning 
Identify the elements of an effective strategic planning model and learn how to create a strategic team to move your company forward.

Succession Planning
Create future leaders by bringing selection systems, reward systems and management development into alignment with the process of identifying current and future leadership needs. 

   Module Two: Leadership through Business Essentials

Critical Thinking Skills 
Improve your critical thinking skills by studying tools and practicing techniques on how to understand a problem, evaluate the evidence and make logical and thoughtful decisions.

Effective Negotiation Skills
Learn how to be in the ideal space to really listen, prepare, and persuade with skill and integrity. These skills offer tremendous leverage to reap great rewards and create win-win relationships.

Financial Intelligence
Contribute to planning and strategy discussions with more confidence by understanding the purpose and benefits of budgets, identifying essential financial statements, conducting a break-even analysis and learning which ratios may be important to your organization.

Leadership 101
Discover the key tools and techniques for developing and refining yourself as a leader.

Why We Struggle with Tough Decisions
Study strategies to overcome your concerns about making and implementing tough decisions.

   Module Three: Leadership through Business Mentoring
Challenging Negative Attitudes
Learn how negative norms become entrenched in an organization, department or team and how to create a more positive working environment.

Coaching Conversations
Identify the steps of a coaching session and how these steps can be applied in various contexts to hold an individual responsible for proactively defining goals and becoming accountable to their commitments.

Diversity Awareness
Explore the subtle ways that limitations occur and how to combat them by fostering an environment that focuses on building respectful interactions.

How to Make Yourself Indispensable
Take initiative to go above and beyond, expand your sphere of influence, perform well under pressure, adapt to changing situations - become indispensable!

   Module Four: Leadership through Motivating

Adapting Your Leadership Style
Identify the qualities of an effective leader and recognize style differences in others to build rapport and develop individual motivation approaches.

Delegating for Growth
Develop a team-driven culture by understanding the purpose of delegation, preparing and applying the steps to delegating effectively, and learning to recover from inevitable mistakes or disappointments.

Employee Engagement
Cultivate an environment of engagement where you recognize employees as individuals, show you support them, give feedback to develop their skills and acknowledge all employees for their contributions.

Managing Teams
Understand how to find the balance between directing and supporting a team by clarifying team roles, defining responsibilities, making decision making beneficial, troubleshooting problem situations and more!

The Exceptional Manager
Study how to balance the qualities of an exceptional manager - developing self-awareness, demonstrating consistency, displaying humility and confidence - to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

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"The leadership skills I gained from the CLP Program have assisted me in my everyday life at work, as well as at home. I have learned how to listen and communicate well, as well as how to motivate myself and others. I feel more confident in my leadership abilities."

Cynthia Crosby, AIS, ACS, AINS, CPIW, CLP


"It is with great pleasure that I extol the virtues of the CLP program! To quote from a book title by Mark Sanborn, CLP proves that “You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader”. The CLP program has not only added to my gravitas, but helped me to build on leadership skills already in place and given me a host of additional skillsets I can use in my professional career. The panoply of courses offered take the student on a journey of the various aspects of leadership. The CLP courses I found most compelling were Self-Leadership, Project Management Fundamentals and Speaking under Pressure. I was delighted to see the recommended reading list found in the Speaking under Pressure section included a book that I have long espoused “Speak like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln” written by James C. Humes. I have read and re-read this book several times. I have given this book to CWC students and encouraged them to read it to help them develop their oratory skills. I encourage all IAIP members to “Go All In” with CLP!

The CLP program is probably one of the best I have ever taken. All the information provided was timely and I learned so much about the various aspects of leadership.  I think the self- leadership portion of the course was written with me in mind. I related to so much of what was covered in this section and was pleasantly surprised to see much of what was discussed is already part of my DNA!”

Shirley Leone, AFIS, CISR, CPIW, DAE 

"IAIP’s CLP course is extremely pertinent to today's professional. It has valuable information that can be used to improve your leadership skills. It is relevant for the young, new professional as well as the seasoned professional. The CLP course gave me renewed excitement and motivation to do what I love the most; mentoring and educating. After completing the course I knew I wanted to take my new skills and use them for the members of IAIP. I decided to announce that I am a candidate for Region III Regional Vice President. My passion is to mentor and educate our future leaders. Education is the key to great leaders."

“I found the "Negotiating for Results" course of the CLP very interesting and practical. The coursework teaches techniques that I can use in both my professional and personal life. By achieving the CLP designation, I feel more confident in my leadership abilities. I would highly recommend this program for new and experienced leaders. Every aspect of leadership is discussed using practical examples and the information is timely and relevant.”
Margaret Wildi, M.S., CPCU, AIM, AAM, AINS, CLP, CIIP, DAE, CPD  

"The CLP Module 'Project Management' was extremely beneficial to me. The course taught me how to identify phases of a project’s life cycle, prioritizing and goal setting. This study material has definitely taught me how to successfully handle a project to its completion."

Sheree Pendergrass, CIC, CRM, CLP

 "The CLP coursework was very beneficial and provided a lot of great techniques and tools that have enhanced my leadership skills for use in my personal and professional life. The need to develop essential leadership skills and apply them is essential for succeeding in today's business world. I look forward to moving forward in my career."

Cheryl Marshall, MLIS, CLP

"I have completed a few leadership education seminars and the CLP Project Management course is right in line with my prior education. I just recently took a Dale Carnegie course and the CLP material and that course compliment each other greatly."


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