Convince Your Boss

Tips to convince your manager to attend Convention

Do you need to convince your supervisor that you need to be at IAIP 78th Annual Convention? Check out these tools to make it easy!

We want to make the approval process of attending the IAIP Annual Convention worry-free. If you need to justify the expense to your supervisor, we’ve provided a few tools to help you build your case. When submitting a proposal to your employer, remember to focus on the specific skills and knowledge you can immediately bring back to the organization. Consider highlighting that you will be learning new industry best practices, making new contacts and gaining new insights and ideas from the knowledge sessions you attend.

Member Recognition for Employer Support

If you need a final push to help convince your boss, consider having a personal letter sent to your employer regarding your involvement in IAIP. Simply complete the Member Recognition Form. You can email the completed form to Angie Sullivan, International President, or turn it in at the registration desk. Angie will send a letter advising your employer of your activities and the impact it has had on you and your involvement with the association. Don't be shy in highlighting your involvement and accomplishments!