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This is My IAIP


The IAIP community is full of inspirational members whose IAIP experience has made a real difference in their personal and professional lives. Please join us as we celebrate our members' commitment to investing in their careers and insuring their futures. Read on to discover why: THIS IS MY IAIP!

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Tish Riley
President, IAIP 2016-2017
Independent Consultant
  During a period when I was handling regulatory compliance for my company, I received a letter from a state insurance department ombudsman.When I looked at the sender’s signature line, I noticed she had the CPIW designation. I immediately called her to let her know I had received her correspondence and told her I was a fellow IAIP member. We had a great conversation about our involvement in the organization and she remained my “go to” person whenever I had a question relating to the insurance codes and regulations in her state. That IAIP connection was definitely beneficial to me and my company.
Tish Riley, CIIP, DAE, CLP
IAIP International President

Kim Fitzgerald
Montagno Insurance Agency, Inc.
  My IAIP network came into play when a former client who had moved across the country reached out to me expressing frustration with his current insurance agent. I leaned on my IAIP network and with one phone call to an IAIP member in Oklahoma, I was able to connect him with a list of independent agents in his area. He was impressed with my professionalism and willingness to help. I'm happy to report he is extremely pleased with his new agent from the IAIP network.
Kim Fitzgerald, CPCU, API, CLP, CIIP, DAE
Region I Vice President 


Linda Luka
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

IAIP has had a tremendous effect on my career. The leadership and positivity that I experienced at my local, council, regional and then at international, sparked an inner strength in me, allowing me to believe in myself, become more confident and come out of my shell. There is no way I would have gotten my dream job without the support of many members.
IAIP International President-Elect


Kimberly Shattuck
The Hanover Insurance Group

One of my first experiences as a member was attending a Confidence While Communicating (CWC) class, an excellent resource. I have also earned the Certified Leadership Professional designation. Both were wonderful compliments to my career. I even began teaching industry educational courses. The network of professionals I have gained has been priceless. There are three parts of your professional career that no one can ever take away: your network, your reputation, and your education. All three have been greatly enhanced through my membership. I encourage you to become an active member today!
Kimberly Shattuck, CISR, CPIA, CPIW, DAE, CLP
Region III Vice President


Angie Sullivan
State Farm Insurance Co.

  Years ago, I was charged with setting up educational opportunities called Agent University. At the same time I joined IAIP, and immediately started researching and attending IAIP educational programs. After my first IAIP Convention, I returned with the knowledge to implement relevant, informative and inspirational programming. My experience at the IAIP Convention gave me the tools I needed to identify keynote speakers, and set up educational and vendor support. My first program was a hit! Later I was asked what the key was to my success. I was able to share the experience of attending the IAIP Convention. My IAIP membership has not only been a value to me personally, but also to my company.
Angie Sullivan, 
IAIP International Vice President

Cindy Prud'homme
Meadowbrook Insurance Group
  IAIP has taught me not only how to lead others, but how to lead myself with confidence and promise. The lessons IAIP has taught me cannot be learned from textbooks; they can only be learned from going all in, staying engaged, and believing that each of us is worth an investment in ourselves. By remaining engaged and accepting challenging leadership opportunities in IAIP, I now find myself confident in any situation, whether leading from the front or a supporting role on the sidelines. I learned to trust myself and those around me, to follow and set examples of excellence, and to know that I am as capable as those I work for and those I work with.
Cindy P
rud'homme, AINS, CPIA, CIIP, CLP
IAIP International Secretary
Geraldine Plott
Allstate Insurance Co.
  The greatest value I received through IAIP are the many relationships I have developed. My two best friends are individuals I met through IAIP who took me under their wing from the first meeting I attended and continue to support me today. Early on, they instructed me on IAIP policies and procedures; they coached me through my Confidence While Communicating experience; they assisted me with my first presidency; and they continue to be there for me on days when things are not so great in both my personal and professional life.
Region II Vice President
Kim Cameron
Agri-Center Insurance Agency
  I was encouraged by a friend in the industry to attend an Insurance Associates of Fresno event. There were over 70 people in attendance, but very quickly I was made to feel at home. I quickly got involved with IAIP by taking the CWC course, which gave me more confidence in my presentations and public speaking abilities. IAIP has provided me with the leadership tools to grow personally and professionally. I have held many positions in my insurance career, but what I find most fulfilling is being able to take what I have learned from IAIP courses, webinars and conventions and share them with my employers, supervisors, co-workers and friends.
Kim Cameron, CPIW, CLP
Region VII Co-Vice President

Dawn Manzano
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
  I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be where I am today without IAIP and the support of the members. A few years ago, I was laid off and my local association rallied around me - offering support and connections that led to a new job. I’m so grateful for this organization and if I could give advice to a new member that would be, “you get what you give.” Jump into your membership with both feet and make sure that you get the most out of your membership by taking advantage of the multiple opportunities, networking and educational offerings. Challenge yourself like I did and try something new, you never know where life will take you, but you can take your IAIP membership along for the ride.   

Dawn Manzano
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.


Beth Walters
LUBA Workers' Comp
  I can remember attending my first meetings in the early 80s and being so impressed by the leadership, I had to become a part of this amazing organization. I remember how the president carried herself; she was always well dressed, always professional and knowledgeable. At one of my first conventions, I walked into the business session and the song “Take it to the Limit” was playing. I still remember how that song made me feel. As a member of IAIP I have come to understand what I am capable of, how to take initiative, exhibit self-confidence, develop leadership qualities, lean on my mentor, receive support from IAIP leaders, and take my career to the limit. I truly believe IAIP is a tool to tackle all challenges in life both personally and professionally. Thank you IAIP!
Beth Walters, CIIP, DAE, AINS, MCM
LUBA Workers' Comp


Sharyn Clark
Travelers Insurance Company
  I joined the association, not to just improve my level of professionalism, but because of the personal satisfaction I get from making a difference in my own community. My greatest joy has been improving the lives of others by feeding, clothing and providing scholarships for their education. IAIP is all about education and service and - because I know I’ve been helped along the way - I believe I should give back; and hopefully also set an example of our values of honesty, fairness, and professionalism. I get a lot of joy working with our new and younger members. Most important to me is belonging to something bigger than myself, and sharing my time and talent. No matter how much I give, I always get more back. Lastly, people I may have never met are now the best friends I’ve ever had in my life. My life is so much richer because of my membership.
Sharyn Clark, AU,CPIW

Travelers Insurance Company


Elizabeth Blackwell
North Carolina Department of Insurance


When I first joined IAIP I was very young and was new to the insurance industry. I had to discontinue my membership, but rejoined in 2005 and soon after, started taking a more active role in leadership. Since then, I have developed a number of skills, stepped outside of my comfort zone, and held offices on the local and state level and - most recently - as the Council Director. The professional value I received from my IAIP membership has been the knowledge gained from the members I have met and networked with at our local meetings, state conferences, regional conferences and international conventions. It is amazing how diverse all the members are; each member has a different skill set that they are willing to share. I would not have held any of these offices without the encouragement of a number of IAIP members, all of whom I consider my friends.
Elizabeth Blackwell, AAI, CPIW, AINS
North Carolina Department of Insurance


Kate Thalacker, CISR, CPIW

Wells Fargo Insurance Services
  Before IAIP, I simply didn’t believe in myself. A friend of mine, an IAIP member, kept inviting me to meetings and she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Her persistence paid off and I was hooked! I went to all the meetings, volunteered for our council planning meeting, raised my hand at every opportunity I could, spoke when it was needed. The next year, I became President. Via my involvement with IAIP I have learned how to deal with difficult people, grew conference attendance and held numerous leadership positions at the state and local level. I have received mentoring, advice and direction. I am forever grateful. In addition to leadership roles with my local association, my career has grown has also benefited from my involvement. I moved into a regional resource position, received 2 promotions and soon will be attending a 4-day event my company provides to a select number of team members per year. I wouldn’t be where I am today, personally or professional without IAIP. My confidence has grown, my career has blossomed and my future is much brighter all due in part to a little persistent nudge of my IAIP friend.
Kate Thalacker, CISR, CPIW
Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Since joining IAIP, I have grown as an individual - both personally and professionally. It has helped me tremendously to get involved in committees, the board, and to be part of a great team! It has given me purpose, and I have met so many wonderful people. The best thing that I have done was to take the CWC course. It has given me confidence in myself, and has helped me feel more confident speaking with our policyholders. I encourage everyone to take classes and to learn as much as you can every day; fill out those applications for the Awards, celebrate your accomplishments, and be the best you can be. It’s empowering!
Barb Chintala, AIS, AINS, API, CIIP
New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company


After attending my first local meeting in 1989, I joined the Wilmington Association of Insurance Women. Since then, I have held several leadership positions both on the local and state levels as treasurer, secretary and then vice president and president. Each time I took on a new role I was really nervous but honored to be asked. I would have never considered holding a leadership position without the encouragement, mentoring and support from our members.
Brenda P. Webster, CIC, AAI, CISR, CIIP
Towne Insurance 

My profession was very technical and there was little opportunity for me to expand my skill set into other areas. I always knew there had to be more opportunities to improve myself personally and professionally. That’s when I found IAIP. My local chapter, became a safe space for me to try new things and develop my leadership skills. I scheduled guest speakers, planed menus for large groups, spoke in front of an audience, developed budgets, kept ledgers, attended educational classes and met dynamic people. At first, I was a little intimidated. However, with each challenge, and success, I became more confident in my abilities. At each step of the way I had mentors guide me - I never felt like I was alone. If I made a mistake, there were no penalties, just suggestions on a better way for next time. I have never been involved with a group that is so dedicated to the success of each and every member.

Kathleen Schor, CPIW, FLMI
Retired Member


After attending the International Convention in 2014, I was inspired to embrace change. I felt I had gone as far as I could with my then employer and I took an opportunity to take a different career path only to discover, I’d made a huge mistake. After leaving this position, I went on 3 interviews which lead to 3 offers to consider. All 3 of these opportunities were made possible by my IAIP connections. I now have my dream job for a fantastic agency with great potential for growth. Sometimes life takes you down an interesting road, and because of my IAIP network, I was able to turn my career around and insure my future. Thank you, IAIP!!

Lori Meagher CIC, CISR

Wilcox & Reynolds Insurance

In 1991, I joined IAIP and the Wilmington Insurance Professionals. At the time, I was a producer and had just accepted a position at an independent agency and was looking for networking opportunities. IAIP was just what I was looking for! The networking was great and so was the professional development and support I received. Even though I’m retired now, I’m still a member and remained committed to the organization that was so committed to me for so many years.

Amanda Smith, RHU, CPIW
Retired Member


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