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I'm Going to be Like Deborah When I Grow Up
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1/9/2020 at 7:59:26 PM GMT
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I'm Going to be Like Deborah When I Grow Up

I recently found myself reminiscing about my earliest days as a member of IAIP, and attending one of my first regional conferences. I recall entering a room full of impressive insurance professionals, and seeing at the podium one of the most beautiful, graceful, composed, and inspiring people I’d ever had the pleasure to meet. She was more than just a leader – she was somebody I wanted to be when I grew up. I recalled telling myself, “I want to be HER when I grow up!” That vision is still so fresh in my mind.

Since that day, as I’ve progressed on my own leadership journey, I’ve kept that vision, that feeling in mind as I try to model my own behaviors. I hold that picture up as the goal I want to attain, and I keep working toward that image. True, I’m a far cry from this role model, but she will forever serve as a goal I wish to attain for myself – the person I want to be when I grow up. There isn’t a week that goes by, that I don’t ask myself, “What would Deborah do in this situation?”

This brings me to the subject of role models and vision… the importance of being able to envision what success means for each of us. Do you have that one person who inspired you to be just a little better? That picture in your mind of what success really looks and feels like?

They say, to make a meaningful impact on one’s goals it’s important to write them down, then envision what success will look like. I don’t know about writing goals down, but I definitely can relate to the theory that a person must be able to envision success in order to achieve it. If not, how do you know when you’ve arrived?

I believe that vision is an essential component of success. Just what does that future state look like? Who am I when I finally grow up? If we don’t know, if we cannot see it, we’ll never know what we’re truly working toward.

I apply this truth to my vision of IAIP, and what it will look like when it has finally grown up. I can hear you all saying right now, “We already ARE grown up – we’ve been around for more than 70 years!”And that’s true. But the grown up IAIP I envision is the one that is reborn, revitalized, and living its NEXT best life. If we can envision it, we can make it happen! People may only live once, but organizations can be reborn over and over again, as long as there are people willing to make it happen and resources available to fund and sustain the effort.

Let me share what I envision as the future of IAIP. I see an organization that has found its place as the premier provider of talent development products and services, with specialty in the field of risk management, but with products and services that can benefit any growing business or career-minded individual.  I see diversity in revenue opportunities, through individual memberships, company memberships, networking events, educational products, training certifications and licensing, and talent development programs delivered on-premises to companies. I see engaged members, advancing their careers and building their business network, coming to us, not one-by-one, but in groups of 20, 50, 100, or by the thousands, through support and encouragement from their employers; and these same members being viewed as the subject matter experts on all matters related to risk management and insurance – representing our industry to the media, to regulators, and to all who are in need of a risk management perspective.  I see us at our BEST, and getting better with each year we expand that vision and continue our journey.

Can you see what I see? Do you see the IAIP of the future – the organization we’re going to be when we grow up (again)? Seeing success is the first step to achieving it. If we can see it, we can build it! It becomes a matter of breaking down the steps and priorities, creating that roadmap, so we can take ourselves there – eating that elephant one bite at a time! We have the roadmap, and we’re on our way. We’re building the products and the new services, and have just started offering them. We’re beginning our outreach to an expanded client-base, we’re planning for the infrastructure that is needed to distribute, administer, and deliver these new products and services and to support these new members.  We know what we need to do; we just need to keep doing it and get others to join us so we can accomplish that much more.

Can you see the path ahead – the success that lies within reach? If you cannot, start with the picture I’ve painted above. Spend some time talking to your Regional Vice President or a member of the Board of Directors, not about the IAIP of the past, but a vision of IAIP of the future. Let us paint that picture for you – bring you on this magical journey that lies before us. Join us in our efforts and help us take each step toward this picture of the IAIP of tomorrow. Let go of the sad memory of decline, and envision a powerful rebirth – an IAIP in its new prime. It’s empowering and exciting and revitalizing to envision an IAIP with its best years ahead!

If you can see it, you can BE it! We ARE going to be it. And, with a little more work, I may one day be Deborah when I grow up.


Cindy J. Prud'homme, AINS, CPIA, CIIP, CLP
International President 2019-2020
Home Email:
Cell: 810-282-7089

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