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Adios November!
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12/3/2019 at 8:00:13 PM GMT
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Adios November!

I hope all of you had a terrific, family & love-filled Thanksgiving holiday. For those of you who, like some of my family, do not celebrate the holiday in accordance with your faith, I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing long weekend in any case, filled with football and great prices on turkey and ham! And isn’t every day a great day to be thankful! To any who were hit by last week’s winter weather, I will gladly join you for a visit to our IAIP friends in Hawaii or Puerto Rico!

I must share with you, that it’s been a challenging month or two, and December offers hope for a return to a manageable pace. The combination of work and family created a perfect storm that proved to be a test for both performance and stamina!  We lost a member of our family in October, which entailed an unplanned, extended trip to Arkansas, followed two weeks later by a family need that blessed (and challenged) me with the caring of a toddler and a seven-year-old for a couple weeks, all while trying to navigate a change in leadership at the office and some impact to my responsibilities and role there. My head is still spinning!

This brings me to two realizations that I want to share, as I’m certain every one of us has been to the same place, or will be, before long.

In this experience, I’ve learned to appreciate the generosity of those who show patience, support, and who lend a hand when circumstances prevent us from giving as much as we normally might. Those who don’t tell us we’re letting them down when we ask for help or cannot deliver at the same level we normally might. Those who know we need help even before we ask. Those who step in at the last minute to cover, as my Executive Committee sisters did during the October Town Hall Meeting. Those who tell you that family comes first and mean it. 

But more importantly, my situation reminded me to BE one of those people – to forgive the limitations of others and try to understand. To recognize that what a person can commit to or give today, may not be what they can give or commit to tomorrow or at another time in their lives. I am learning to appreciate and understand that our circumstances change, and with them so do our abilities to engage. There comes a time in each of our lives when we need help, when we cannot do all that we wish to do, when we cannot meet the expectations of others, or when we must choose one priority over another, and that’s okay.

Just as we receive help when we need it, as we rely on the generosity and understanding of others, we need to diligently remind ourselves that others experience the same highs and lows and they deserve the same support from each of us.  So, the next time one of my colleagues at work or in IAIP isn’t able to take on something I’ve asked them to do, or the next time somebody delivers only half their best, my plan is to take a step back and give them the benefit of the doubt – understand that there may be other factors inhibiting their ability to engage or perform. I plan to remember the times I had to ask others to cover for me, take over something at the last minute, or the times I had to say ‘no’ because something else took priority. And if I do it right, others will receive from me the same support and encouragement that was so generously provided to me.

But here’s another important lesson… we are surrounded by amazing, powerful, accomplished colleagues in IAIP! Whenever I needed help, nearby was an IAIP Super-Powered Achiever willing to help me out – who could expand capacity as my own capacity was shrinking. I found myself surrounded by some of the most inspiring, supportive, and dynamic achievers that one can imagine – those who could miraculously create time or adjust to make time where it didn’t previously exist! The friends and colleagues who cheerfully and skillfully picked up my dropped balls and ran with them to score a win was a blessing for which I am eternally thankful!

All around each of us are the most inspiring, able, talented, and generous friends and colleagues we might imagine, and they should be celebrated. YOU should be celebrated, each day, because every one of us has been that friend, that supporter at some point – just as we have been the person who needed help. To know that we each can expand capacity and up our game any time a friend or colleague is in need is a very powerful thing – one we should cultivate, celebrate, and regularly exercise. To know that we have the support system and the freedom to ask for help and lean on others is equally powerful. Recognizing these secret weapons, we can surely meet any challenge and at the same time, create and maintain a dynamic, impactful, and rewarding membership and leadership experience!

It’s December! Let the good times and the back-to-normal times roll!

Cindy J. Prud'homme, AINS, CPIA, CIIP, CLP
International President 2019-2020
Home Email:
Cell: 810-282-7089

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