Opening General Session

Business Session & Closing Keynote

The 2018 Business Meeting will be held on Saturday, June 9 starting at 10:45 am. Information regarding the Certification & Credentials of Delegates, business meeting details and reports from the 2016-2017 Task Forces will be posted closer to the convention. We will share via email and newsletters when this important information is available.


As local association identify the delegate and alternate delegate that will be attending convention, complete the Certification & Credentials of Delegate(s) form.  

Members-At-Large will meet on Thursday, June 15 at 5:00 pm to select the MAL voting delegates from each state. The Credentials Chair will provide the delegate forms to be completed during this meeting for the MAL voting delegates.

Election of International Secretary

The election of the International Secretary will occur via electronic vote prior to Convention. Watch for more details regarding the Meet the Candidate webinar in Spring 2018. 

Confidence While Communicating Speak-Off

Thursday, June 7 
10:00 am-11:30 am 
Moderator: Cindy Prud’homme, [designations]
The Confidence While Communicating (CWC) Speak-Off is a competition to recognize the best speaker completing the CWC educational program. CWC is designed to teach the skills necessary to prepare and deliver oral presentations. Candidates first compete at the local level, with the winners progressing to the Regional levels and culminating at the International Convention.